Magic City Dojo Martial Arts Birmingham, Alabama, offers ancient Japanese Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial arts training and self defense courses. Come train with us and see the difference.

We offer the most comprehensive training in the Birmingham area where you will focus not only on unarmed martial arts and ancient weapons, but also in modern weapons and self defense. Although our training is based on time tested martial arts principles, you will learn to apply the techniques to real world scenarios in order to give you a base to protect yourself and your loved ones.

What is Magic City Dojo and why should I train here?

  • We are here to train! We are not the commercial martial arts school trying to get you to sign a contract. There are no contracts. You will train to improve your life physically and spiritually to your fullest potential, not to collect trophies.
  • Our martial arts program is for adults just like you – big, small, old, young, men and women. Real people from all kinds of backgrounds: college students, doctors, mechanics & technicians, professionals, etc. This is real training for real people!
  • You’ll train for real world situations. You won’t stand in a line punching and kicking at the air. You will train dynamically with another person for realistic movement that you can actually use.

Welcome to Magic City Dojo!

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